• MrSmith if you live s/sw/w don't bother with epping, dorking/surrey hills is easier to get to and the riding is way better than epping either that or swinley forest.

    Is it easy to get to good riding with public transport? I live in Brixton so it might be easier. I'd be up for trying both Surrey and Epping. As I say, I've not done any off road riding for ages so it's all gonna be a good learning experience.

    Hammo Oh well, is this a fix/free only outing or will gearies be allowed?

    When were you thinking?

    The more the merrier! I'll be riding my new crosscheck so will be either SS or fixed depending on how brave I feel. Was thinking some time in mid January. Should be getting my fram in early January and hope to have it built quickly. Then will be raring to go! Maybe 19 or 20 January would be good?

    Thought I'd post now so that people could start thinking about it and get gear sorted etc.

    [cite]caspar:[/cite]Dartmoor is fantastic

    I'd love to try some biking on Dartmoor. been hiking and climbing there and it's a beautiful place


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