We play regularly on Monday and Wendesdays, but we also play on other days too.

    To get involved check the last couple of pages of this thread to see where and when we are playing any given week.

    Hope to see you there.

    We have two main courts:

    Newington gardens, which is lit and mainly our winter home:


    We also play at Agnes Riley court on weekends.

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    Hi guys / gals not wishing to steal thunder from the beloved brick lane court but i figure there seems to be quite a few southerners knocking about on here. I'm in Herne Hill and i know there are a couple of brixton folk about. I wondered who might be up for playing / practising polo southstyle. I just can't get my arse up east sometimes and i'm also a bit shit at it, which probably frustrates those better players wanting to compete a little more. So who's up for some local polo? Brockwell park just came to mind because they have that disused basketball court by the cafe, but if you can think of anywhere else...?


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