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  • so, everyone's favorite online bike store aren't being so nice.

    I ordered a saddle on tuesday, at lunchtime. according to their delivery terms, it sohould have been here next morning.
    well, it wasn't, but ok, fair enough, they use royal mail, and charge less for delivery. but, it doesn't come the next day either.
    On friday, it hasn't shown up with the post, so i email them, and get told to 'wait 10 days to make sure'.


    anyway, then, weirdly, it turns up at 5pm, which is very odd.

    so, it's the wrong colour saddle -white, when i ordered black.

    I email them and say ' for god's sake', and they say to send it back using the returns proceedure and i'll eventually be refunded, then i can order again. wonderful. So i say ' that's just not good enough, offer me some kind of discount, at least.' they do, after all, send out discount codes routinely, willy nilly. they say no, tough shit.

    thanks wiggle!


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