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  • Buffalo Bill [quote]SimonC I've been riding for over 10 years, have seen a lot of trends come and go - I remember when couriers rode mountain bikes because they were cool.


    Other way round.

    Muddy Fox named their bike after us after we starting using MTBs, we didn't get called 'couriers' because we rode Muddy Fox Couriers.­t/sets/72157602885870594/

    One of the guys who was big on the mid-80s UK MTB scene was Chris Shaw. Also a cycle courier. He was killed in 1990.­

    The first wave of fixie riders, Cappa, Ian Cleverly, Dick Luck, Jeff and the rest were around in late 80s and early 90s as fat tires fell from fashion, then along came the BMX posse (Tony, Steve et al) who made 26 inch wheels fashionable again then...[/quote]

    My pops had a one of thoes Muddy Fox Couriers i think its till in the back of his garden! and funnily enough there is a near mint one in our bike shed at work!


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