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  • Buffalo Bill Muddy Fox named their bike after us after we starting using MTBs, we didn't get called 'couriers' because we rode Muddy Fox Couriers.

    Awww, the memories... Me and me mates went a bit Muddy Fox mental for a little while back in the day... I think we had four amoungst our little posse... My mate Dave, who was a courier and rode a Courier (nasty, heavy beasts that they were), made me promise I'd NEVER become a courier, although that's all I wanted to be at the time... I'm glad I listened to him... No offence to you messenger-types, o' course... It's a righteous vocation... Very few fixed bikes around back then, and very few track bikes to be had in the classifieds, I know cuz i was scannin' those pages and I couldn't get one... Internet makes it so easy...


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