• I'm looking into them at the moment as well..

    The maps aren't necessarily a good thing due to the screens being so small and higher power use.
    I'm looking at it more from a touring/long ride point of view. Map a route at home and then follow it OR ride a route and have it record for later use.
    For this you don't need the maps. I'm not sure if I'd be limiting myself without maps or not? There's a few mapping packages too Fugawi, MemoryMap and TrackLines or something? These and the maps all cost money on top of the unit too and their features are probably as important as the unit itself. Battery power is an issue, other wise for a 2-day trip, you need to carry a charger. Mounting to bike needs to be good and unit needs to be proper waterproof..

    Basically I'm no closer to deciding than I was 12 months ago. :S


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