• brett I had similar stuff with my downstairs neighbours complaining about fire hazard crap, so I relented and the bikes live in the flat now. Only thing is, their fricking baby buggy is more often than not in the hall, in my way as I try to hoist my bike up a flight of stairs.
    I wouldn't get one of those metal box things, they might be safe for insurance purposes but essentially you're leaving a big box outside saying "Bikes in here". If yer ride's completely stock and replaceable then fine, but I'm guessing not.

    And what would neighbors/other tenants think about a big box outside their place? I live in a large block of flats so I know someone in mine would whinge.

    brett: Get that fscking baby trolley outside.. fair's fair dude.. they force your bike out of the hall.. write them a note about their fire hazard..
    Failing that, the buggy would be something to dry your bike on, before climbing the stairs.. (I really need a bigger place.. FAR away from other people)


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