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  • This is the link for the carbon fibre Gilles Berthoud mudguards on the Giles Berthoud site, bought from them they cost 140 euros (+postage)­he_detaillee/fiche.php?refArticle=211CAR­700/C
    I also like the look of the Fast Boy fenders, the blade bits of these wouldn't be hard to fabricate in veneered laminated aeroply and I'd have thought it wouldn't be too difficult to buy in the mounting hardware. Haven't used it for a bit, so would have to check that everything still works okay, but I have a vacuum bag and pump, I think I could get a former made up around which to fabricate the blades. Would anyone be interested in sharing the cost of getting a former made up and trying making some of these up, if so I'll find out how much it would cost.