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  • pip Another often stated but hard to do solution is Ammonia (reacts with the oxidisation that causes Alu to stick in steel frames).

    Downsides of this technique:
    1) Hard to get Ammonia these days
    2) It stinks and is dangerous (so you have to do it outside).
    3) Its messy as its hard to get the Ammonia in the right place (often times have to pull BB, flip bike over and pour down seattube. Leave to soak overnight etc.)

    I can't believe though that someone didn't post this: 15 Ways to Unstick a Seatpost - by Sheldon 'Crazy beard' Brown. If one of these doesn't do it then you're *******. (Has many of the suggestions above but still good reading).

    coca cola and amonia are pretty much the same thing...basic solution, as in opposite to acid. ;-)


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