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  • whilst travelling through west ealing last night meeting my girl at the station, only thing was couldn't stop to say hi, even though we smiled knowingly, due to this toss pot i often come across on my journey who insists on overtaking me, and each time yelling "HA!" then slowing, i pass him and always say a cheery "hi", to which he physically "snorts" then changes gear, stands up and passes me, this goes on for 6 miles, much to my amusement, but last night i was running late so was having none of it, took him on the hill, watching change to a silly gear, grinned as i passed him and kept ahead, all the way. that was when i saw her......dark pony tail, green bike no brakes, if i wasn't trying to piss off the tossa, woulda stopped and said "hi"
    oh, well!


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