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  • OK people, here's one for you.

    I ride a nice bashed up and quite wierd loooking old batavus for work (some kind soul put a londonfgss card in the wheel which lead me here), but my back up bike was stolen last friday. It's a standard issue ridgeback genesis day 03 (i know, I know), with all the trimmings, sans back wheel. some fucker, whom I'll come back to, broke in the window of the garage and stole it and my housemate's ridgeback somethingorother lady bike. (Ill get the details off her). Any way, we thought no more of it, scoured brick lane with no joy, and then at about 12 on saturday got a call from a nieghbour saying someone was in our shed. again. stupid fuck. our heroic housemate sam chased one of them and called the police, got in their van and caught the bastard!

    which is all well and good, but no bikes have emerged so he's already sold it, or one of his cunting mates got there first. Anyway if you see a slightly battered genesis cruising around, with a mismatched back wheel and lots of chips on the top tube do what you will, in the spirit of sam the fearless bike thief catcher.