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  • Hi all - had my singlespeed nicked from outside my flat in early June - had just spent lots on it, so was royally pissed - West London - Askew Rd. Haven't got any pics - but here's the specs - (I, of course, know every nut and bolt on there!)
    V.large 20" unbranded plain alloy mountain bike frame using a hacked up rear Derr. chain tensioner. Black gaffer tape around main frame-tubes. Black steel forks (slight backwards bend).
    NEW Fat slick tyres – ‘Schwalbe Big Apple’. Front wheel – silver rim + spokes (Wolber titanium light on old Deore).
    NEW Rear wheel - 35mm WHITE PlanetX rim + BLACK spokes in 2x SNOWFLAKE with two 16t BMX sprockets on a BLACK On-One flip flop hub (really skinny Triple-butted spokes)
    Handlebars – champagne colour Azonic flats with silver levers, black/green Lock-on grips and scratched black stubby barends NEW black Kore logo stem. NEW On-one logo saddle – high up! 44t Black Raceface chainring on Shimano Deore hollowlight cranks. MKS CT-Lite pedals with MT Zefal clips + straps

    The most standout parts are the bent forks & rear wheel - seriously mutant - theres no other like it!
    Went to Brick Lane 2 weekends running but no luck.... some crack head probably sold it for a score..
    Damn I wish I could draw it for you! Cheers,


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