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  • Richard Cheese Hi new bloke here - thought I might be able to give you some positive news!
    I run tubs (got given sprint wheels too), and they are a bit of a pain in the arse, but not much.
    First off, I use tub tape, not glue - it seems OK to me. I've changed a tub or two on the road - just bung on some new tape, then the tub, give it some air and off you go. Then you just have to get the sewing kit out and mend the puncture!
    Second, Continental Sprinter Gatorskins are good tubs - expensive but nigh on bulletproof; Continental Giros on the other hand, are worthless. As soon as the rain come down, your air goes out.
    There have been issues with them rolling off the rims while cornering, but I'm fairly sure that would apply to those freewheeling at speed round corners, not those of us pedalling round them.
    I think they are a good thing, if a little inconvenient, but then again, its 15 years since i rode clinchers, so have nothing to compare them to!

    cheers Richard that's good to know. I'll find out what tubs I have. What tub tape do you use and are there any probs getting the tyre on when new?


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