• Memory Map is used because that gives you the Ordnance Survey 1:25000 maps which also give you really accurate altitude information.

    The thing I found with cycling GPS units is that they're designed for computer use. Route plan on your PC, sync up and follow the GPS device.

    What I like about things like the Tom Tom unit for motorcycles is that aside from being waterproof (if it's not designed for hiking, cycling and outdoor pursuits then units aren't usually weather proof) it allows you to route plan on the fly. That for me is one of the killer features, because I like the idea of not using the GPS, cycling to the middle of nowhere, and then turn it on and plot a nice route home. That's more like how I will use a GPS.

    Consider the Southend ride. We didn't take the route we agreed in advance. We chose a different route and ad-lib'd it. That worked, but I would want any GPS device to allow us to be at that start line and say, "Right, let's make a new route now based on the new criteria we have.". So those units that you have to route plan in advance with, they're just not for me.


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