• velocity boy: You spoke of motorcycle GPS units being useful for bikes. US Ebay has Garmin Quest 2 units going for $300-500

    An mtb blogger (forget which) did a dual-century on his Pompino (mention of ss/fixed = lfgss on-topic'ness! ;)) and used a Garmin Etrex Legend $160USD RRP and $90USD on ebay. With the stong UKP these units can be had much cheaper (mind your import duties). He said you need Memory Map and the right maps for it but it's all GPS gibberish right now so I'm gonna keep taking idle glances at the equipment until I work it all out. Be useful for group rides rather than soggy maps (not that the soggy map was ineffective mdja!!). If I get my backside into some Audax events it could be a useful bit of kit too, with map backup..

    Yes, it's another slow day in the office with boss not around.. so sue me!


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