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  • Fixedwheelnut
    I ride mostly from the route sheet and generally go over the route beforehand on a map, sometimes I trace the route out on torn out pages of a road map book or I carry a South East England map 1:250,000 scale depends on how well I know the route etc a map holder and head torch are great for night navigation.

    So, you get the route beforehand? It's not like an alleycat where you get it just before the ride?
    My biggest concern with audaxing is my atrocious navigation skills. I'd rather not be alone, sugar-crashing and lost at 3am in what still amounts to a foreign country.. :)

    Thanks for all the info.
    These are sounding like a good option as I don't have the time for full-on touring and I feel I'm moving further away from out-and-out racing.
    If I don't get this BCF license soon I'll never crit again.. nooo! :)


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