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  • Hi Hippy

    The Beast from the East is a different ride organised by Mark Brooking a Willseden rider, I know Paul Stewart packed but Peter Turnbull finished both Willseden riders. Slightly more climbing than the Hailsham 600.

    Spare magnet just happened to get left in there from a time I kept swappng wheels around.

    Mark only lives about ten miles from the start so close enough to nip home.

    I was riding my Ron Cooper on a 68" gear.

    You are self supported but there are various types of controls, someone roadside with a stamp to sign your brevet card, a road side food stop set up by the organizer, 24 hour garages where you get a timed reciept, Cafes either manned to provide a stamp or unmanned just get a timed reciept or 'Info controls' there will be a question on the Brevet card that you get on the day such as [How many miles to Mersham?] [What is the name of house opposite the pub] etc.

    Sleep depends alot on how you feel on the day and how tough the ride is, generally I ride to get enough time in the bank and have a three hour kip at the 400km mark but this weekend I totalled about 1h 50m, I go through tired patches around three to four O'Clock morning and afternoon.

    I ride mostly from the route sheet and generally go over the route before hand on a map, sometimes I trace the route out on torn out pages of a road map book or I carry a South East England map 1:250,000 scale depends on how well I know the route etc a map holder and head torch are great for night navigation.

    I am not doing PBP this year more to do with family commitments but I did in 2003 it is a great ride and experience.

    Hopefully Barry can be well enough for the final 600 qualifier in a few weeks and if the police don't get them hopefully Karma will.