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  • = Fixedwheelnut
    = I just did the Hailsham 600km Audax

    Was this the same as the Beast from the East audax?? Some guys and gals from Willesden CC were doing it this weekend:­theyre-off.html

    = I had left the magnet off a quick rummage and grab the spare out of my saddlebag

    You have a spare speedo magnet??? My god you are an audaxer proper! :P

    = Mark Heffer was coming back with rear mech problems hoping to nip home and get a spare bike.

    Spare bike?!?!?!?! Let me guess.. he keeps a couple in his saddle bag just in case? ;)

    What were you riding btw? Do you have a 'crew' setting up stops for you or are there organiser provided stop points?

    = an Info control at Bonnington, try as we might none of the riders coming back from it would reveal the answer

    Is this were you visit and they reveal some info to you so the organisers know you've visited the checkpoint?

    = shut my eyes for 10 minutes, it makes all the difference.

    How much sleep in total do you get on a 600? Are you doing the PBP?

    How much route sheet vs. your-own-map navigation is there in these rides?

    = Barry was purposely pushed off by a van passenger on the A272 section and injured his hip and could not carry on this has also prevented him qualifying for PBP

    I hope they swerved into a tree after that.

    Congrats!! Makes the 100k on Sunday seem just a bit tame. Still, I take comfort in the fact I'm built for top-end speed and not long-distance (or naviga-wherethefsck?-tion)


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