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  • I've been lurking for a while, and wish my first post wasn't about this, but...

    Bit of a long shot, but I had my first single-speed stolen on Thursday evening, only two days after buying it! Feel stupid, as it was locked with an old D-lock, as my bigger lock was still on my old bike. Still, broad daylight on New Oxford St.

    Anyway, if anyone sees a Lemond Fillmore selling suspiciously or something let me know, for what good it'll do. Still had the "61cm" sticker on the seat tube, the reflector on the front handlebars had a cable-tie in place of a screw, and it had light brackets on handlebar and seat post.

    Took me ages to find one in that size. And yes, I've just been poking round Brick Lane, but no luck there.

    Thanks. Back to the mountain bike for a while.


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