• jonaent I've got a feeling that if u are a good cyclist then u wont get hit. If u do get hit then u aren't as good a cyclist as u thought u were.......

    I'm not sure whether those pearls of wisdom mean that u should wear a helmet or not :-0


    I was training in Spain couple of years ago with my team at that moment. We were doing this quite coastal road, about 6 of us in a line, when all of a sudden we heard this skidding noise behind us. Next thing I know a car came skidding into the side of me. I managed to keep my bike upright at that time, talking bout being a good cyclist. But when he drove me out of the corner, unable to have any controle over the vehicle, and into another car I couldn;t keep it straight anymore.
    Since we were going slightly downhill and at a pace of about 30/35mph I rolled for about 15 yards through the shoulder at the side of the road and quite a substancial bit of it got stuck in what was left of my helmet.
    I was very happy to wear one at that time I can tell you that.


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