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  • Cheers for the kind words Bill. Hopefully the maker will not to a Zo and only start selling to japanese collectors on Ebay ;)

    Didn't mean to be so mysterious but its not my call to go public on this esp on public forum. If you're working or regular alley cat racer you probably know the maker already.

    The prototype bags out there are dope (really nice work) but its hard to go from making a few for some friends to taking general orders esp when its not your main buisness. Always think of Freight/Zugster as examples. Both went from making a few bags to taking general orders and suddenly they had tons of bags on backorder. Instead of getting some riding in all your spare time is spent sewing. Sure you can pay folks to cut patterns and streamline the designs but you have to take small steps at first.

    So sorry DanK - looks like for one-off custom stuff you're better off talking to Bugaboo, Wig, Seagull etc or following the advice to get friendly with a Fashion/Art student.

    Should've kept my big mouth shut but am excited about these bags.


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