• Ok, time for a review.

    Someone said that the Peregrine seems like frame that can become a like a good friend.

    Edit: also I apologise for the picture that has very little bike and castle in it and more than enough shadow of a slow and poor photographer

    I can only agree, I've used it for my commute and all errands, basically everything that's not MTB or child hauling.

    I've used it with three different wheel set-ups and they really bring out different and good experiences (except maybe the studded front tire that's a necessary evil).

    Today I took the first longer ride and it was nice considering my poor fitness and the crisp -6 C (intervals or hill climbing obviously needs to be a bigger part of my regiment if I want to go further and faster)and I forsee another rear wheel focused around a lighter pair of terawail 38s to pair with a dynamo wheel.

    I'll update when I have gathered the courage to tackle dynamo wiring and routing

    The picture is from Sturehov Castle, if you're ever in the neighborhood, I recommend a visit to their café.

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