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    How did you know that? I'm impressed! Actually, it's a bike I've just received, can return, but unfortunately the seller didn't have everything in functional order. It was presented as a light tourer and has all the eyelets one could wish for. Only later did I realise this bike has a strange geometry with short chainstays.

    Curiously, the seller claimed it is a 650b that can take up to 40mm tyres, except the initial images and after he changed the components out -all had 28 or 32mm tyres. So I am quickly trying to understand what I have here and if it really can take 40mm as he claimed. Unfortunately, he put on incompatible short derailleurs with triple crank, and the cables for the gears and brakes aren't installed. So, yes the clearance between tyre and chainstay isn't great and the seat tube does appear steeper(?). I should post some images.


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