• I've used alloy cassettes since the 90s in previous WW quests so am well aqauinted with super smooth shifts when it comes to delicate parts like these, I'm pretty careful across all my bikes with regards to shifting, certainly not a smasher. My Park Tool chain checker is never far from my bikes and often used.
    Regarding the hubs, the wheels were an unplanned WW mini project, they came up at a price I couldn't turn down and are basically unused and so light and like I said was also built with a budget in mind. The Bitex RAF10/RAR9 ultralight hubs are known to me as I have the non ultralight version (steel freehub) on a gravel wheelset and they are bombproof.
    For £300(!) all in I have a very light wheelset that you'd have to spend at least £1400 on (ZED??) and a cassette that shifts as good as the DA9100 it replaced. This wheelset will perhaps get 10% use compared to my main wheelset so I expect the cassette to have a pretty long life.

  • Thats bonkers light. Hadn't heard of BDOP before. The machining looks similar to srams one-piece x-dome steel cassette clusters.

    Just out of curiosity, what sort of mileage would be expected from the cassette? I know yours is on a hill climb bike so wont exactly be doing 200 miles per week, but how many miles could you expect with regular use?

  • I know, a pretty decent saving over the DA9100 cassette. The YT link from the seller states 5000km without any noticeable increase in wear or noise, in my case with the very little use expected of it (this wheelset is tubular and not worth the risk for full on day rides) it should last indefinitely. I've a couple of pretty steep hills near me that I'm trying to better my times up gradually and it's solely for that use.