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  • The change above seems to be Track League focused, a Mcr accredited rider couldn't now go to another Track League without re-accreditation at that Track first. Kind of kills any spontaneity / opportunity. In the comments on fb Kyleigh says it'll make racing safer.

  • See, what you’re calling spontaneity I’d call risk. Risk that a MCR accredited rider turns up in Glasgow, doesn’t realise our banking is 2deg steeper and goes too slow in a corner, slipping and taking out 20-30 other riders all using their best race kit, disc wheels etc.

    One of our sessions would be a more controlled environment so hopefully that wouldn’t happen and if it did, the fallout would be a lot less.

    That said, track league are their own entity and have their own interpretation/disregard for the rules and work that we do to try and keep riders and track as safe as possible so I don’t know what their policy is/has been/will become.

  • How many visiting riders to track league there have done that though?

    I understand the motivation behind the rule (no-one wants to hit the deck, or see it happen), but could it be a sledgehammer is being used to crack a nut here?

    Glasgow could well end up hosting WMTC one year, a MCR based rider goes and wins scratch race gold there but would be unable to enter the following weeks track league as no Glasgow specific accreditation. Is that right?


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