• I am a capable road & mountain biker and would like to start commuting to work - to save time, my health (a close family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and as such i need to avoid picking up any infections, that are rife on public transport), money and the environment...
    My challenge is this: I plan to use my road bike & am happy riding circa. 20 miles each way and i know that it is obviously doable (as i have driven on occasion) I'm not prepared to do the journey entierely on the road as I predict that it'll be a matter of time before I have an unfortunate incident with a car, bus or lorry. In all instances I, the cyclist is likely to end up much worse off physically & financially. I'm trying to find a route that keeps me, as away from the main roads as possible (in an attempt to reduce my risk), so 'some' road, cycle paths & through parks.

    I live in Sutton (SM6) & need to find a route to SE18 6RS.

    Are there any reliable/ useful app?I've tried Kamoot, but have had limited joy.

    If anybody is able to suggest an app or propose a route, I would be super greatful!



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