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  • Looks like UKIVA is no more?

  • So if you get accredited at say, Lee Valley and want to ride Glasgow you have to get proof of your accreditation from your home velodrome and send it to us, we will then direct you to a session where we can verify your riding at a suitable level (could be accred 4, could be a quieter coach led ‘drop in’ type session).

    That’s how it’s always worked. Ukiva has never meant you’d rock straight in onto a DST or whatever. I don’t know about track league, they are meant to check riders have accreditation at Glasgow but they may also have accepted ukiva

    The ukiva on your licence would have been accepted as proof of accreditation but there’s plenty people wanting to ride at other velodromes that (quite rightly imo) aren’t BC members and don’t have a licence so there’s regular instances of exchange of info between velodromes.

    I guess that’s how it’ll work in all instances now.

    Just another case of your national governing body not doing much governing.

  • The change above seems to be Track League focused, a Mcr accredited rider couldn't now go to another Track League without re-accreditation at that Track first. Kind of kills any spontaneity / opportunity. In the comments on fb Kyleigh says it'll make racing safer.


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