• It's one of the frames that I've held on to the longest, very versatile and fun. I hade it with drops and TRP Hylex and it was great. Mounts for mudguards and racks makes it complete for me.

    Singular are getting ready to get mrk 4 in production with a slightly more modern geo - no Phil ebb's on the new Singulars unfortunately (even if the one I have on my Peregrine works fine).

  • I most certainly meant the all city space horse rim brake version!!

    Singular is cool tho! Glad to hear you like it so much :)

  • Sorry, yeah it has everything i missed in my Thorn brevet with added benefit of cantis and I have a two spare carbon canti forks that I want try out on this and the Geekhouse. Felt light and nice handling on the short ride to storage.


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