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  • In my addiction, I mean quest for weight weenieing my bike I came across these cassettes in many searches. Of course the weightweenies forum threw up pretty much all of the results but I thought I'd post up some info from my personal experience and for fellow addicts looking at seriously lightening their bike, also there's nothing on here as yet....

    The company are a Taiwanese company I'd never heard of but their product, an alloy 11-30 cassette in my case caught my interest. At 117g versus 207g for a DA9100 11-30 and around £150 delivered I had to look into this. In the end I think it took 10 days to get here, missing any customs charges although it was marked as 500 Taiwanese dollars so although I've not worked it out they may have put the value at a lower figure to clear charges.
    The quality of the machining is unbelievable, it's machined from a single billet and of course as light a feather in your hand. Nearly all reports on the WW forum commented on how the shifting was OK, I have a new DA chain and Red rear derailleur and on adjusting and riding I simply couldn't believe the shifting, I've managed to get it so sweet, the chain has just been waxed which may have helped, but I'm not suffering any noise either.
    I do of course understand the wear rate I'm likely to experience with this cassette but it is fitted to my 1050g tubular 'Hill climb' wheelset that will not see much use, if I'm honest I bought/built this wheelset mostly to see what weight I could get on a (relative) budget. I am really really happy with this purchase!­/viewtopic.php?t=154372­/viewtopic.php?t=160711


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