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  • I thought I wouldn’t repaint a bike for a while so gave my bits of sand paper, paint stripper, and some paints to a friend who was repainting a rat bike. Here I am planning on repainting another bike, so just posting an ad here to see if anyone has bits - 1/2 a can of stripper, some bits of fine grade sand paper, emery cloth etc - leftover from a project that they’d get rid of for some cash? To maybe save myself from buying new again and having half of it lingering in my cupboard for ages.

    Im going to use paint because that’s what I’ve got experience with, so if you happen to have some cans of paint or clear coat leftover from a bike you never got round to I could be interested in that*

    *im picturing a teal respray, but would consider any darker/muted blues, reds, greens, earth tones

    Can collect in London, or pay postage



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