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  • It's actually green, just hard to tell in the pics.

    I like the silver finishing kit but it will eventually go to make way for some bling integrated carbon stuff. The fork only really works with cables inside the bar, so il have to get some stick on cable guides for now. I want to make sure I'm happy with the fit set up before I spend a fortune on carbon bling. (I will add the matching zipp cages for now )

    Groupset will be rival axs, I've got cassette and rear mech, just waiting on shifters. I've got an old 10 speed sram red crank that im tempted to use as its so light. But not sure. It might not look right. Half tempted by a middleburn.

    Wheels...not sure probably carbon 29er rims. Maybe a Son 28 hub for future dynamo options.

    Tyres. Not sure. I've used goodyear connector 50s before and like them.

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