• Hi there,

    I'm stuck here :(
    Trying to install a Sram Force AXS crankset (WIDE version) on my bike, with a 73mm crankcase.
    The manufacturer recommends to install a 3mm external spacer on the right side. However, when I Do that, the right crank-arm slightly rubs on the sidestay.
    I added a 1mm internal spacer on the right to move to arm farther but now its rubbing on the left.
    So I added a 1mm internal spacer on the left again, which was obviously a bad Idea...

    Any ideas ? I have 2 inner spacers and two outer ones (3mm and 4.5mm).
    Edit: important detail I guess. The frame is an older Titus custom made MTB, originally made for 2x or 3x cranks. Previously build with a Deore crankset, which worked fine


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