• Itch scratched then. Good work.

    I’m coming up for 2 years away from office work and can see myself being back by next summer. Turns out there are things to be missed about comfy, clean, well-paid work that you’re competent at.

  • The grass is always greener... I'm an Architect and getting through Covid has been really tough.. every job slowing down and causing serious cash flow issues.. We run a small 5 person office but it's quite frankly been brutal.. I've always done homers (extensions) for people but it was taking too much time and clients were wanting more and paying less.. I ended up doing swapping out homers for wedding photography and was doing about 10-15 a year. Good enough money for a days work.. although then reality kicks in of editing, meeting clients etc.. A heart issue stopped me doing weddings for a couple of years but I doubt I would go back.. Although running a small practice is tough and hopefully we are clearing the Covid debt and cashflow issues, but I've been doing 50-60 hour weeks for over 2 years purely to try and get back to were I was pre-covid.. not glamorous and starting to take it's tole..

  • Know them feelz.

    As I’ve been building that house^ for 18 months I empathise with your clients trying to save where they can with some materials being 200% up at the peak of silliness, but fully sympathise with you. None of that’s your fault so having to wait longer to be paid and being asked to take a hit is rotten.

    It took me 3 years from deciding to leave my previous thing to actually doing it and the big stress for me in that time was employing people. They were all lovely and I miss them, but I found that side of the business, the massive overheads and the general responsibility for other people’s lives proper stressful.

    It’s probably rose-cunted spectacles but looking back I liked it best when it was just me, a business partner and one employee.

    Sorry to hear about the heart issue, man, sounds like you’re ok now tho.

    I think you might find your homers (not heard that before!) keep you going ok from here, in the post banking crash when there weren’t many houses on the market people extended instead of moving.



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