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  • LPC. It’s on. Same format, same rules:

    -2 x 15 minute games
    -3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss
    -Round robin

    Ruleset: EHBA.

    Results: League Table.

    One match is released per month. Matches must be played within the calendar-month timeframe. Teams schedule their own games. Please post all scheduled games here.

    Forfeits will be strictly enforced, for real this year, no excuses. If a team is difficult to schedule, or if a match does not get played in time, MComm will enforce forfeits and, at their discretion, award match points.

    Two regular team members should play each match. Subs should normally (i) be of similar skill level as the person they are subbing for and (ii) not be league players. However, an opposing team can agree to any sub playing against them if they wish. If they contest a sub as a mismatch, MComm will decide.

    League fees are £10 per person. (The fiver barely covered the patches before the inflation. The rest will go for a new London Cup and beer for the party.) Team captains please pay for your team by 30 Nov.

    Adam, Chukker, Dany


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