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  • I once left the bolt washer in by mistake.. result was very bad. Saved it with epoxy resin but had I not used the terrible parktool crank puller (or not been so absent minded) and invested in the var one, I wouldn't of had the hassle.

    As for the plastic sleeve, if it's the same as mine then i think that isn't the right part for removing the crank arm. That's part of the bearing puller as far as I know or its just for non carbon cranks. Placing the cardboard between the arm and the puller does stop it from splintering the carbon. Actually quite simple when you get the hang of it but you need to make your own inserts after a while and definitely fiddly as fuck but it does work if you place it right. I hate the tool though. Mine is broken in multiple ways after only like 8 uses.

  • I've removed a few carbon PT arms. I use an old draper bearing puller and an headset spanner behind the crank arm with a thin but of pulp type cardboard between spanner and crank arm. Seems to spread the load sufficiently to avoid damage.


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