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  • Go for a wander around the Ouseburn Valley. Nice little area with some of the best pubs in the city if that’s of interest to you (not sure about early week opening times) you can extend this up through Heaton/Sandyford and onto Jesmond park which is also pretty but might be a bit long for a winter evening. On the Gateshead side of the river under the Tyne Bridge and next to the swing bridge just up from the Baltic is a container place which I’ve heard is nice, haven’t been back up since it’s been there though. You could always go and see the Town Moor, there’s nothing there apart from the Wylam Brewery taproom but it’s weird to see cattle roaming in the middle of the city if the season is right. Have a wander in the town centre in general from Haymarket to the river takes no time at all and there’s some nice Georgian architecture to look at and interesting side streets. Frankie and Tony’s on Ridley place used to do the best sandwich in the city.


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