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  • Due to a super-hangover we decided to skip the 200km ride back to the ferry, and instead caught a train from Paris to the city of Rouen, riding 65km to Dieppe in the late afternoon. Which I'd recommend to anyone in the same situation.

    Interesting. I'm going to be doing the reverse of that in May next year (cycling from Dieppe to Rouen to then catch the train to Paris/Tours). Do you have a route? So far, has me going down the old train route for about 15km before heading southwards on small D roads. Looks OK but if you have a tried/tested route, I'd be interested in seeing it.

  • Hi there,

    Just spotted this, sorry for the delay. The Rouen-Dieppe route is here

    It's excellent. Winding roads through small villages, and even some hills!

  • Ah cool. Thanks. Looks pretty similar to the one the route planner threw up for me, but mine avoids the hill out of Dieppe (or into Dieppe in your case) and takes me along the disused railway line for a while before cutting south on the D-roads. I'll have a closer look at yours later and weigh it up. I might fancy the challenge of that Dieppe hill when I need to warm up at 5am when the ferry pulls in.


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