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  • Nice one, seems that brand features fairly heavily on ebay. It says the image compression is lossless, but it still compresses before sending right?

  • None of these boxes will be truly lossless; note they state ‘visually lossless’ which is a nebulous and meaningless term.

    An uncompressed 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 signal needs 12Gb/s, and the signalling rate of the HDBase-T over CAT6A interface of that AV Access box I linked to above is 10Gb/s, and it’s simultaneously sending 480Gb/s of USB2.0, audio etc down that same interface as well. The video is compressed, it is lossy, but for most purposes it’s difficult to tell.

  • Good info, cheers. I was wondering if they'd done something clever with the direction of the signal but compression makes more sense. Have you ever done a side-by-side comparison with an RDP connection?

    Also it would have to come into a socket, via patch cable to a different socket, then installed cable up to my desk (also cat6). I imagine there's a tripping point there somewhere that could mess up the POE function, though I'm not sure if that's strictly necessary or whether you can just power locally at both ends.