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  • Anyone had any experience of using HDMI over cat6 aka 'HDBase-T'? I'm looking at this one, because of the integrated KVM although reliability looks a bit flakey from the reviews.

  • I've got a couple of these (not that specific model, just HDMI over CAT6 extenders) and they are OK.

    A bit picky about exactly what they transfer (one seems to strip out anything above stereo sound for instance, another doesn't like an SD signal) and occasionally flickers so you have to "re-pair" them. Hard to tell but I'd say picture quality isn't quite as good.

    Why not just use remote desktop or similar?

  • The situation is a bit unusual, my house backs on to my work, host is my work PC in the office and client my own laptop (or whatever client I end up using), client display will be 4K. Management have previously expressed concern over connecting our own devices to the network, which is daft because people are using hamachi and I can see and access drives on the client using this over a VPN. Obviously an HDMI hook up would allay this concern, though does involve running a longer cable including drilling it though a wall.

    Also I went down a rabbit hole reading about 4:4:4 croma and signal compression, although I'm sure the effect is probably unnoticeable in most scenarios.

    I might just go the remote route first and see how that works out as it's the path of least resistance (assuming I can get management on-side)


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