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  • Had an unfortunate incident with my desktop PC and some water which was completely my fault. PSU, motherboard, cpu cooler, two SSDs, keyboard and probably the processor all toast.

    Luckily I've got accidental damage insurance, but the loss adjusters opening gambit has been to ask for "a written repair estimate" and "a written suppliers report" for the damaged stuff.

    I don't think any of it is economically repairable for a second, and have no idea where to go for this. It feels like doing the insurance company's job for them, plus I expect that given the time involved anyone who is prepared to do these would want to charge for them.

    That aside, does anyone have any idea who would be good to approach about this? It would need to be somewhere not too far from E17 cos I'd need to take the bits to them...

  • Take it to your local computer / mobile repair shop, they'd probably be bloody expensive so it'll work out in your favour when you take the lowered settlement for parts only


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