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  • a 43'' monitor is a nuts, I had a 32'' and had to sit as far away as I could while still reaching the keyboard.

  • Huh yeah, maybe it's overkill. I'm trying to replicate the 32 + 27 I have at work but angle to the edges probably reaches the limits of usability without a curve. 43 is just the biggest that will physically fit in the space. The Dell 40" curved 5k2k (wat?) ones look nice but pricey...£1.5k... and I doubt you could push that kind of resolution over RDP effectively. The appeal of the RDP clients embedded in the TV is strong but no idea what real world performance is like (although as I understand decoding is the easier bit).

    Response time is probably worth considering actually, it'll be compounded by RDP over Ethernet which I've found to be fine, but on a monitor not a TV.

  • I've got a Samsung TV with built in RDP. It's ok, not quite as good as RDP from my laptop but better than I expected


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