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    9 days, 4 hours, and 34 minutes after rolling out from The Rocks, Erinn Klein arrived in the centre of Adelaide to win the 2022 edition of the race he won back in 2020. He napped briefly at Charleston in the early hours of the morning, knowing he had at least 2 hours lead on 2nd place. He was greeted by a small welcoming party including his family in Victoria Square, many watching live on Facebook.

    Dot Watcher favorite Sacha "the Smasher" arrived 4 hours lately, completing her longest and toughest race ever, seemingly allergic to sleep throughout the race as she slept very little each night.

    Just under an hour later 3rd place David Langley pulled in, making a final galant but unsuccessfuly push to catch Sacha.

    A huge congratulations to all the finishers so far!

    Out on course, Callum and Sier are making their way through the Barossa, Justin rejoined the route at Mildura, while Michael, Eric, Lucas, and Damien (UltraCyclingLife) all traverse the agreed upon detour across the Hay Plains and on to Mildura.


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