• Ah, I see. What you're saying makes complete sense. Quite a big project! There is some speculation that the frame may have been built by the great Robert Ducheron for André, which would make it a one off, perhaps. The head tube lugging looks similar to another Ducheron I've seen online and is completely different to anything I've seen elsewhere. Another André was my only comparison, but you have clearly spotted more details than I have.

    Do you have an opinion on seatpost expanders? Is it ok? Ot too hard to comment on. Beginning to think it might be best to leave alone...

  • I don’t think they are the worst thing in the world, but the ability of a thin walled seattube to retain the expansion would definitely be a worry and unless the seat needed to be particularly low (ie bmx frame) or the frame had been damaged in such a way that removing all the seattube projecting above the toptube was necessary and an expander was there only way to secure a post, I’d think they were better ways to do the job.

    In this case, I’d be more concerned that the quality of finishing on the attachment of the brake cable hanger is err…particularly out of keeping with that which can be seen on the black frame, if you know what I mean?!

  • Yes, couldn't agree more. You want a bike so much, you don't want to look too closely at some unpleasant bits. I guess at that kind of price, one tends to rethink it all a lot more. If I see a lovely old British frame going for very little that has suffered a little, then I don't mind the love and care it needs.

    But structural issues concern me too, because I really want to do light tours and everyday stuff - just really use it. Not own a collectors item.

    Your thoughts have really helped me! Thank you!!


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