• Yes, a René André 700c randonneuse. Seller in Paris wants around €1100 for it, which is big money for me, but it is lovely. I thought the price would be ok, since no components are needed, but I see it would involve added costs.

    I'm in Germany, so my question was initially just about seeking advice. My first language is English, so I end up on English forums. Sorry - now I wish you were around the corner!

    Anyway, it seems the job wouldn't be unrealistic, which is good to know.

    Thank you!

  • Ah, OK. I thought someone had butchered a 1950's Pennine or similar UK frame.

    Moser and others used expander seat posts BITD, I've got a Moser with some nice Oria tubing in the shed so couldn't have been that bad...


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