• I would like to ask a framebuilder how big a job it is, and what sort of price range I'd be looking at, to return a seat tube to a standard bolt clamp set up?

    Some background: I've been mulling over buying a lovely and very rare vintage bicycle from the 50s or 60s (seller not clear). It had an illustrious and charming life until it changed hands to an owner in 1970 who had the original stunning handpainted details and black colour repainted. Disappointing, but ok. Then on closer inspection of the photos, I noticed there was no bolt to tighten the seatpost. I reread the text and the fact that that person had had modifications made then before the respray, which included it having a 'seatpost expander'. I had to research what that was and think this thread from the roadbikereview forum explains it and the typical problems it cause.

    I cannot believe anyone would do this to a frame. None of the other frames of that brand have it. If the bolt thread dies, rusts, or the post needs replacement, I am stuck.

    So I would like to find out first how much of an issue it is to have the bike returned to its original state.

    The image here shows the (blue) bike in question on the left, while on the right how it would have looked and how I would like it to be.

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts or opinions!

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