• Hmmm, maybe I’ll just change the ratio for something that works; it’s only a 20 miles a day bike so doesn’t have to be perfect. I normally ride 48x19 on the road but 45x18 will work with full links and it’s almost the same.

  • Do you discard the half link every time you change the chain?

    I think I’ve assumed that in the average chain of >100 links, a worn half link was <2% of the ‘system’ and wasn’t enough to worry about.

    As per the other thread about chains though, I do also replace my chain pretty frequently so it’s not like my half links would ever get really knackered.

  • Good point; I do indeed discard them. I also change chains frequently. Probably about every 1000 miles on average; less on the winter bike and that’s still with meticulous cleaning.
    I’ve never got how people claim to get thousands of miles out of chains on fixed.
    I use a geared bike on zwift and while it obviously doesn’t go outside, the chain has done at least 15k miles now and is still good according to the gauge…


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