• When I had my burls bikes made I got the chainstays just the right length so that I could use regular links with my preferred ratio.
    My track bike also behaves with a 50x15.
    My commuter however demands that I use a half link. Up until now I’ve been buying individual links for about £5 a pop which is half what I pay for a chain.
    Is there fundamentally any reason not to just buy a half link chain and just split a link off every time I fit a new chain?

  • In my experience, half link chains are a cunt and a half to split. It's like the pins are peened more thoroughly or something and I don't know that I've ever managed to split one and remake the joint.

  • Hmmm, maybe I’ll just change the ratio for something that works; it’s only a 20 miles a day bike so doesn’t have to be perfect. I normally ride 48x19 on the road but 45x18 will work with full links and it’s almost the same.


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