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    Yeah, I haven't quite convinced myself that I'd be wanting to swap forks very often.... but maybe once or twice a year offsets the complication and weight penalty, I'm still not sure - Although the bike was bang-on 10kg with pedals in it's first rigid MTB guise, so isn't disgustingly overweight.

    I think the main benefit is the ability to tinker, swap and change parts. It's another element of geometry I can ply around with. Which is something I really enjoy.

    Ideally I'd cling onto this design and prevent any copying, but I don't think it's really workable without throwing cash at copyright stuff...?
    I've got a small stand at Bespoked this year where I want to make 2 identical frames and built them up differently, to demonstrate that versatility. I've got a bit more prototyping and testing to do, especially how it fixes to the frame... and how it looks. Ha.


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