• So that's where I'm at for now. I want to make a more refined version. The aluminium clamps are a bit crude. My neighbour CNC'd four clamp brackets for me same-day (I hate using boring heads to make a 28.6mm hole) , and I manually machined all the rest in a day, largely making it up as I went along.

    Also, the way it bolts to the frame is very crude. There is a brass threaded bush at one end. It basically just tightens with bolts. There are no creaks though, no flex either.
    It would be fun to fit a little damper and spring. ha.

    I realise that creating a bike to do mild MTB work and then be efficient enough to ride 30-40 miles is maybe a bit of a compromise for both disciplines, but I don't think it is really. If you rode the bike in MTB set-up (if I had a suspension fork on there), I think you'd like it, and the version with the road fork is actually a really great to ride on the road and towpaths too - I'm doing my 12 mile commute on it tonight :)
    It's not a bike for heavy MTB use, or doing Time trials on, but I don't do that... and not many people actually do.


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