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    I thought you may be interested in my curiosity project. I realise it's a bit odd, nobody will buy it and the execution isn't perfect yet, but hopefully it's a fun discussion point :)

    I initially built a frame last year or Grinduro with a removable seat mast - The idea was to be able to change it in the future for something with a bushing or made from carbon or whatever the future would bring.... It was a prototype.
    This was mainly build as a rigid MTB as below

    After Grinduro I tried a more road-orientated fork on this frame and it obviously dropped the front by loads. I measured some of the geometry and it was actually all quite nice, apart from the seatmast almost upright, so it got me thinking about making an adjustable seatmast so that one frame could (in theory) cover all bases - run with a short suspension fork or shorter road fork and still be nice in both situations.

    So I resprayed the bike and made some aluminium bits and bobs to enable the seatmast to adjust forwards and backwards. I bought a bit of titanium tubing and made a seatmast from it, stealing the hardware from something else. It worked a treat at grinduro this year with drop bars but still with the long fork, it's very strong and stiff.
    I call it the 'Deck chair' because the bracket underneath changes angle to prop the seat angle.

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